Learn German in Austria

Austria has many language schools teaching German. The best language schools offering “German as a Foreign Language” are united in CAMPUS AUSTRIA, an association of Austrian language schools fully endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and the National Austrian Tourist Board.

Each of the 16 CAMPUS AUSTRIA member schools offers you:

high teaching quality according to the Common European Framework for languages
Accurate placement to the appropriate course level through written and oral placement tests
Limited number of course participants in each course
Qualified and experienced teachers
National and international language certificates

CAMPUS AUSTRIA schools are independently run, specializing in different fields of interest:

general German courses for adults of all levels
children’s and youth courses with full-package programs
German for professional purposes, Business German
One to-one tuition tailored to meet your individual needs
courses for German teachers
all levels of ÖSD (Österrreichiches Sprachdiplom)
university entrance examinations of German