Admission to University Abroad

Finishing high school is the time when you make decision what will be your future profession. This decision is not easy, because choosing the right faculty is something that will affect your future life. By choosing the faculty, you choose your future career and the area in which you wish to improve. Therefore, it is extremely important to make a good choice. If you want to invest in your education, studying abroad is one option that you should definitely consider.

international-studentsBy entering any of the faculties abroad you are opening field of boundless possibilities. Universities abroad often provide practice for their students. You will have the opportunity to gain work experience that will be valuable in future life while you are studying, and that will be your main advantage one day when you will be seeking for your first job opportunity.

A large number of universities abroad have a wide network of companies with which they cooperate and students have the opportunity to find their own practice.

In addition, you will be able to improve your language skills by using foreign language all the time  and get to know a new culture. By entering faculty abroad you will be able to meet your age-mates from all around the world and gain valuable contacts for a job that will engage after graduation.

The choice of faculty and the application process does not have to be stressful for you. If you need advice regarding the selection of universities abroad, Egida International will help you with that and provide you with all the necessary information about the school system abroad and guide you through the application process. You can choose one of the faculties from our offer, and there is optional application service for the faculty which you select.

More information about the faculties we work with find by clicking on: studying abroad.


The advantages of studying abroad:

1. Students with international experience faster get their first job

Many studies show that employers rather choose to employ students who have had international experience. This is because they already had the opportunity to stay in an international environment, collaborate with colleagues who are members of different cultures and therefore they do not have a problem with adapting to work in large companies with foreign business partners.

2. Improving knowledge of foreign languages

Students who enroll faculty abroad have the opportunity to use foreign language in everyday situations. After several years spent studying abroad, they improve their language skills almost to the level of a native speaker.

3. Independence

Many studies show that students who enroll faculty abroad are becoming more independent and more mature compared to their age-mates.


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