Impressions from the Teachers’ Refresher course in London

Dragana Tomic is a young English teacher from Novi Sad, who won at VII ELTA Iatefl conference when EGIDA International awarded  Teachers’ Refresher course in London.
She came back and would like to share her  with ELTA colleagues.

Here is what she says:
I was very pleased to attend the seventh Annual Elta Iatefl Conference in May 2009. It was both enjoyable and valuable experience for me. I had the luck to win Teachers’ Refresher Course.

I spent two wonderful weeks in London in January 2010. It was my first visit to the UK. I stayed with the Qadir family. Shazia, Faisel and their three children Ali, Omar and Zara did their best to make me feel comfortable in their house and enjoy my 2-week stay in London. They also had another student staying at their house. The girl was from Taiwan and she spent six months in their family.
Teachers’ Refresher course is intended for overseas teachers who want to brush up their English. It comprises 24 lessons (20 hours) per week. The school runs this course twice a year, in January and August. The classes started at 9 o’clock in the morning and ended at 13 o’clock in the afternoon. I met a lot of students from different countries around the world. Most of them were from China, Korea, Japan and France. My classmates were from Germany, Russia, Corsica and Brazil. There were six of us in the group. Tim Goodwin and Robert Rowland, two highly experienced and inspired teachers  shared their teaching experience with us.
During the course, we focused on British culture and had a chance to work on spoken fluency and vocabulary. There was also an opportunity to learn about new teaching methods using technology in the classroom, what coursebooks to use with our learners, how to teach and practice collocations, what criteria to use to mark a piece of writing and so on. We also had the chance to observe teachers deliver classes using a variety of teaching methods and to discuss teaching ideas with them. We were provided with ideas and materials to implement into our teaching. The course helped us to obtain a further knowledge of English and provide an insight into British culture and teaching as well. After class, we improved our English in Self-Access Centre and then relaxed by taking home a film, book or CDs or taking part in free social activities.
Combining business with pleasure, I experienced a marvelous trip to London, ancient and modern, the city of royalty, art, theatre, and the hip British style. In my free time, I was wandering the streets of London. I visited the Tower of London, the British Museum and the Westminster Abbey, rode the modern London Eye and enjoyed “Wicked” the new Broadway musical. I didn’t also miss the opportunity to enjoy traditional English pubs, traditional English breakfast and the elegant afternoon tea.
I wish to thank both Elta and Egida International for giving me such a wonderful chance to broaden my linguistic and professional knowledge in one of the oldest English language schools in England. I have also the Qadir family to thank for making my visit to London a lifetime experience. Thank you very much for all of your hard work to make me feel so at ease.