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Courses for English language teachers

Oxford House College is now one of the UK’s most popular accredited English language schools, opened in 1974 and running ever since. Every year, more than 7,000 international students come to Oxford House College to improve their English language skills, education and career prospects.


The college offers an exciting central London location near Oxford Street with world-famous shopping and sightseeing to enjoy. The school occupies two buildings just a short 10 walk minute apart, providing 24 classrooms with excellent facilities including a modern library, student cafe and free broadband Internet access.


Central objectives of these courses are to help trainees focus on professional practice and knowledge, to enhance trainees’s professional status, both within their teaching institutions and within the profession as a whole. The courses provide a forum for development of you professional skills, from insights into recent developments in English language teaching to practical classroom ideas and activities. It is also designed to develop your knowledge of contemporary English usage and provide you with the opportunity to improve your all-round competence in English.

In the morning, you will work with a international group of fellow professionals, discussing issues in language teaching and looking at materials and activities to give you practical ideas for your classroom. In the afternoon, you will also have the opportunity to observe our teachers putting the techniques we discuss into practice.

On completion of course, you will receive an Oxford House College certificate, with details of the course dates, the number of course hours, and details of topics covered. In addition you will receive a detailed and personalized report from the Course Director, with suggestions for further professional development.


Specific objectives of this course include fostering an in-depth awareness of latest theory and practice in ELT, in terms of approaches to teaching, techniques and lesson models, promoting professional collegiality and encouraging experimentation and creativity in teaching methodology.

Syllabus includes approaches and methods (e.g. silent way, task-based learning, visualisation, multiple intelligences, lexical approach), classroom techniques (e.g. Harmer’s ESA teaching model, Scrivener’s ARC teaching model), classroom management (e.g. instructions, eye contact, interaction, use of L1, discipline) and correction techniques (e.g. error analysis, recent changes in spoken British English).


Specific objectives of this course include fostering an in-depth awareness of latest theory and practice in ELT areas of IT, literature, business and UK culture, promoting professional collegiality and fostering an awareness of learner autonomy and independence.

Syllabus includes library research, project work, autonomy and independent learning, teaching with IT, observation of teaching, staffroom collaboration and continuing professional development (CPD). Examples of syllabus content include activities for teaching English literature, conducting and cultural awareness suvey, adapting to different learning styles and needs, promoting learning outside the classroom, teaching with internet and intranet, analyzing didactic business English materials, career development and portfolio-building.


Make the most of you stay in London with carefully selected Homestay accomodation. You will feel at home and be able to practice your English in friendly surroundings. You will have your own room, and you can choose between 3 meals options : self catering (you cook for yourself), breakfast only, or breakfast and dinner. Shared rooms are only available if you are coming with another persona t the same time and leaving at the same time.

All London residences are in Zone 1 and you can choose type of board, while some residences are self-catering.


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