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Mt Sierra College

Mt Sierra College was founded in January of 1990 and continues to serve the ever-growing need for leaders in design and media arts, business and technology. The effective use of technology has always been at the core of its educational mission.

During the early days of its existence, the College was known as Computer Technology Institute and briefly as Pasadena Career Institute. The college changed its name to Mt Sierra Career College in January 1991. Short courses in computer software applications were offered at that time. In 1992, the College became a Novell Education Academic Partner and was authorized to offer Novell courses. In 1993 the College began its long-standing partnership with Microsoft and was authorized to offer Microsoft certification preparation courses.

The College laid the foundation for its Bachelor of Science degree programs in 1994 and changed its name to Mt Sierra College. Now the cornerstone of its mission, the College’s bachelor degree programs undergo continuous review to insure that students are receiving the education they need to succeed. After receiving accreditation in April of 1996, Mt Sierra College offered its first courses leading to degrees in Network Communications. Multimedia Design Technology and Computer Information Technology. In the Fall of 2002, Mt Sierra College launched its first business degree program, a Bachelor of Science in eBusiness.

Since then, the College has introduced new programs in the Media Arts and Design department, including the innovative Game Arts and Design program. The College now offers two additional business degrees, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, as well as an additional degree in technology, Information Security.


Mt Sierra College is located in the beautiful City of Monrovia, CA just 20 miles northeast of Los Angeles at the base of the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains, just eight miles east of the City of Pasadena in Los Angeles County.

Monrovia has everything from world-class cultural facilities to glorious recreational outlets to top-rated education and healthcare facilities within minutes for its residents. Residents will find that they are close to everything that is Los Angeles: the Rose Bowl, Hollywood, Universal Studios, Palm Springs, the Santa Monica Pier, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and other Southern California attractions are all just a short drive away.


Mt Sierra College offers bachelor degree programs in three areas of study: media arts, business, and technology. The College has designed its degree programs to provide you with a well-rounded education – a technology driven, academically sound curriculum for tomorrow’s professionals. All programs are designed to be completed in twelve consecutive quarter terms over a period of three calendar years.

All Mt Sierra College degree programs have two components: a core curriculum, which are the courses directly relating to the field of study, and a general education curriculum. The core curriculum for each degree major will provide you with a solid foundation in your field of study, preparing you for the working world or graduate study. The majority of core courses include hands-on experience to maximize your education.

Bachelor of Art Degree Programs
Media Arts & Design with a Concentration in Graphic Design
Media Arts & Design with a Concentration in Visual Effects & Digital Video
Media Arts & Design with a Concentration in Game Arts & Design

Bachelor of Science Degree Programs
Information Technology with a Concentration in Information Security
Information Technology with a Concentration in Computer Information Technology
Network Communications
Business Administration
Business Entrepreneurship

For tuition fees, Mt Sierra College charge per unit. For all international students, one unit is $698. It takes 180 units to graduate without any transfer credits. To maintain full-time status as required by US Immigration, each term, student has to take at least 12 units. If the student decided to take 12 units each term, it would take him 15 terms (3 year and 9 month) to graduate. If the student wants to take 4 classes each term (16 units), then it would take 3 years to get his Bachelor’s Degree with Mt Sierra College.


College provides apartments for two students to share, each student will get their individual room, but 2 students would have to share one kitchen and one bathroom. The monthly rate for this is $1185, and College usually collects per term, which means three month of payment at a time. If the student wants to pay one year in advance, then the monthly charge is $1150. College can also provide one student per apartment, or four students per apartment. Then the price will vary, and depends on the availability.


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