Studying Abroad

The best investment you can make is investment in your education. It’s never too early for planning studying abroad program, because it is a continuous process that should be planned in time.
Primary and secondary school students

If your child is in elementary school, it is time to start planning his/her future, considering the fact that you have a large number of possibilities. At the end of primary school your child may enroll high school abroad, depending on the academic success and knowledge of the language neeeded for attending choosen high school program. The choice of school is individual thing and it is different from child to child. The best school for one child is not necessarily the best for another. Therefore, it is extremely important to go through the process of professional counseling in order to choose the right program that suits preferences of your child.
Your child child will attend high school in the international environment with other children from all around the world, and will be able to become independent and mature faster than his age-mates who remain in the parental home. In addition, important part of education abroad will be the opportunity to learn about different cultures. The first culture which your child will meet will be the culture of the country in which attend high school, and then the different cultures of age-mates with whom attend classes every day. This all makes an invaluable experience that children who are not educated abroad do not have the opportunity to gain.


Besides the possibility of attending the entire secondary education abroad, children can choose cultural exchange programs. The programs of cultural exchange abroad mean that your child spend a year in high school abroad. During the cultural exchange programs, the child is located in a family environment, with trusted family that already have experience with housing international students. During the cultural exchange programs, your child will get to know the culture of the country he or her is living in, by spending time with host family and experienching their everyday life.
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Prospective students

If you graduated from high school and thinking about education abroad, recommendation for you is to go through the process of professional counseling. Egida International will provide all necessary information about the system of education abroad and universities from our offer. If your desire is to study at faculty which is not a part of our offer, there is option of service applications to study abroad on faculty of your choice. Considering the fact that the entire procedure of admission to university abroad is very demanding process, the best way is to let qualified persons who have already successfully enrolled a large number of students at the desired faculty to do it for you .

The fact that you finished faculty abroad will be something that will be your advantage in the labor market. Upon completion of studying abroad, you will be more competitive compared to students who did not have international experience. In addition to, you will meet new people from all around the world, their cultures and make friends and contacts that will mean in your future career.
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