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Take the chance to preview what the USMLE Exam will be like on test day! Practice USMLE style questions and become informed of all essential information, before embarking on your journey to Medical Licensure in the United States.

Kaplan offers an ongoing series of free events on our courses, insights on the USMLE, test-taking strategies and residency tips and information. You should try live, online classroom from wherever you have internet access. If you are a doctor who qualified outside of the US, you must become ECFMG-certified in order to work and train in the US. You must pass the USMLE exam series in order to become certified and apply for Residency. High scores on the USMLE exams, particularly USMLE Step 1, are essential for those wishing to enter US Residency programs.

USMLE free seminars inform students on US Residency, ECFMG Certification, and the USMLE exam series, in addition to top tips for your application.

Kaplan Medical, the leader in USMLE preparation, has helped tens of thousands of students and physicians pass their medical licensing boards with high scores and continue on to successful careers in medicine.

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 About Medical Licensing in the US

To become a licensed physician in the US, all doctors, no matter their experience, must first gain ECFMG Certification (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates), including taking the USMLE® Step 1, Step 2CK & Step 2CS exams, and then complete a Residency Training Program. It is important to get high scores on the first time that you take the exams, as once you pass an exam, you are then stuck with that score! So it is imperative that you go into every USMLE exam prepared!

This is the case for any doctor, no matter your experience or qualifications, if you want to work as a Board Certified Doctor. If you have ECFMG Certification but do not complete Residency, you can still work in the US – however, you won’t be Board Certified. This limits the positions available to you and caps your potential salary. Therefore, it makes sense for the majority of International Medical Graduates take some kind of Residency Training Program.