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Izaberite tacan odgovor pod a) ili b) ili c) ili d). Samo je jedan odgovor tacan.
Kada zavrsite molim da pritisnete dugme KRAJ! koje se nalazi na dnu ekrana.

1. This (?) a computer.

a) is b) be c) are d) am

2. The children are waiting for (?).

a) he b) him c) his d) she

3. The boys were (?).

a) in house b) at house c) in the home d) at home

4. Do you live in that street? No, I (?) .

a) live there b) come here c) there d) live here

5. Peter (?) to see you tomorrow.

a) what's b) wants c) wanting d) want

6. How was your day yesterday? (?).

a) Its OK b) It is OK c) That was OK d) It was OK.

7. (?) you want a drink?

a) Is b) Are c) Do d) Does

8. The doctor (?) his patients in his office.

a) examines b) examinees c) examining d) is examined

9. The man is writing your name (?) .

a) down b) up c) on d) with

10. His aunt is not (?) .

a) as old as your   b) as old as your one
c) as old as yours d)so old as your

11. Derrick is (?) in the team.

a)most tall b)the tall c) the tallest d) more tall

12. They used to ride the motorcycle but it (?) several times last year.

a)was breaking down b)broke down
c) was breaking off      d)had broken down

13. (?) you see him tomorrow?

a) are b) will c) have d) do

14. You must pay (?) you start the course.

a) always b) before c) soon d) ever

15. They asked her (?) the big black book.

a) taking b) take c) to bring d) bring

16. The (?) fell off the table and broke into pieces.

a) expensive, hand-painted, Japanese b) hand-painted, expensive, Japanese c) Japanese, hand-painted, expensive    d) Japanese, expensive, hand-painted

17. A plate (?) by the groom.

a) is broke b) was broken c) did break d) have been broken

18. We (?) to your letter.

a) are wanting to reply b) are want to reply
c) would like replying   d)would like to reply

19. She feels (?).

a) fine b) finely c) too finely d) very finely

20. I am watching a film on TV tonight. (?).

a) Neither me b) Neither do I c) Not I d) Me not

21. She wants to get more (?) so she is trying to get a better position.

a) fund b) income c) money d) earning

22. The shopkeeper (?) us to put the eggs in a box.

a) said b) says c) tell d) told

23. We asked her whether (?) Belgrade.

a) like b) she has liked c) had she liked d) she liked

24. He is the best singer. I heard him (?) at the concert last night.

a) singing b) sing c) sang d) had sung

25. Can you tell me (?)?

a) where is the station b) where the station has been
c) where the station is d) where's the station

26. She'd better not say anything, (?)?

a)didn't she b)wasn't she c) hadn't she d)wouldn't she

27. The living room (?).

a) was redecorating      b) is redecorating
c)is being redecorated d)has been redecorating

28. My brother has had to (?).

a) be his computer repaired b) let his computer repaired
c) have his computer repair d) have his computer repaired

29. The parcel (?) two days ago.

a) received b) has received c) has been received d) was received

30. I wish she (?) the eclipse of the moon.

a) can see b) could be seen c) could have seen d) could have see

31. This wall is too high (?).

a) to be climb b) to climb c) to climbs d) to let it climb

32. (?) beautiful thing to say!

a) What b) What a c) Such d) Such a

33. The scouts really enjoyed (?) the dinner.

a) to prepare b) preparing c) the preparing d) are preparing

34. I would like (?) to finish this experiment soon.

a) his b) him c) he d) she

35. We were moving very slowly when that bird (?) over our heads.

a) was flying b) flew c) flow d) was flawed

36. The equipment (?).

a) need adjusts      b) need adjusting
c) needs adjusting d) needs adjusted

37. If we manage to get out of this turbulence in a few minutes, we (?) home in 10 minutes.

a) would be b) should be c) can be d) will be

38. Remember (?) bread on your way home.

a) buying b) to buy c) have bought d) buy

39. The serviceman will get it fixed (?) .

a) currently b) suddenly c) presently d) lately

40. He is (?).

a) self-employer b) the self-employed
c) self-employed d) self-employing

41. He was (?) that he had to be transported to hospital.

a) in such pain b) so painful c) such pain d) was having such ache

42. (?) having such support, he failed completely.

a) in spite of b) despite at c) despite of d) although

43. The coach suggested (?) save energy for the last 100 metres of the race.

a) the runner to b) that runner c) the runner should d) a runner to

44. We were all very (?) when we heard the news.

a) exciting b) excited c) so excited d) that excited

45. After (?) the president left without a word.

a) having been booed off b) had had been booed off
c) having booed off            d) booed off

46. The army (?) the riot heavy-handedly killing hundreds of people.

a) put away b) put off c) put down d) put aside

47. After spending the last three nights relatively calmly the old man (?) for the better.

a) is get on b) gets up c) is getting up d) is getting on

48. By next Thursday, the company (?) the tender documents.

a) will have completed b) shall complete
c) will have complete   d) will have been completed

49. I am terribly sorry I (?) . Carry on with writing.

a) disturbed you b) will disturbed c) had disturbed d) will disturb

50. The police (?) new measures to help locate the criminal.

a) isn't introducing b) haven't introduced
c) hasn't introduced d) didn't introduced

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